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Hello! I’m Regina Michael & Welcome!

I’m a freelance writer with experience in SEO writing and proofreading for the last ten years. It is out of passion that I started my career as a writer, and I am the one-stop solution to your writing needs.

With growing demand for quality content these days, it is important for freelance writers to understand the SEO needs of a business. I believe copy is not just about words, but it is about conversion. If you are looking to hire a freelance writer who can generate quality content that achieves marketing objectives, ranks well in Google, and has significant CTR—I’m the one you need.

As a freelance writer, I offer a range of services: product descriptions, web content, blogs, long-form articles, eBooks, and much more to help you grow your business. And I would be happy to be a part of it. Everything begins with a conversation and I look forward to having a great conversation with you!

Let’s get writing!

Services and What I Offer



I will create conversion-focused copy for your websites, apps, and landing pages.

Blog Writing

SEO articles and blogs

SEO-friendly blog articles are what you can expect from me. We all know that nothing moves without SEO.



We all like to play the ghost, at least I do. Let me write on your behalf and nobody will ever know that it is not you.

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